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Promoting potential of Dak Nong Rubber

Posted Date:27-03-2014 | 14:28:16
(ipcdaknong.com.vn) – Rubber tree gets well with the climate and soil of Dak Nong Province as it grows well on basaltic soil. This is a multipurpose tree with high economic efficiency which helps create jobs and increase incomes of local residents. However, Dak Nong has not fully exploited existing potential of it.

Rubber trees in Dak Nong area are planted by the state-owned units, private enterprises and farmer households. In recent years, due to the increase of prices of rubber products, area for farming the trees has also been continuously expanded. In 2005, area was 8,455 ha, by 2012 the area was 30,253 ha (just smaller the coffee area of the province), in which harvestable area was 8,266 ha. Rubber tree is mainly planted in districts of Dak R'Lap (8,555 ha), Tuy Duc (6,624 ha), Krong No (5,657 ha). Together with the increase of area, rubber production of the province was also raised. While on 2005, rubber production was only 2,552 tons, by 2012, the number was 13,084 tons. Thanks to high economic efficiency, rubber trees has not only contributed to poverty reduction but also helped Dak Nong "debug" difficulties during the conversion of poor forest into area for rubber plantation.

Residents of Dak Song District in course of harvesting rubber latex, photo: Trong Ngoc

However, the reality revealed there remains multiple limitations in development of rubber trees of the province. Rubber area and production have been both grown but source of materials for processing is still unstable due to undefined seeds used by farmers, unorganized farming in unsuitable soil, climate and terrain, the latex quality consequently is not qualified not to mention some of large rubber areas had to be cut down even though they are harvestable. Besides, processing and consumption of after-harvest products meet a lot of disadvantages. Currently, there have been built up 02 processing plants in districts of Tuy Duc and Dak Mil with the total production of 8,000 tons/year, this however has not met the processing demand. Moreover, finished products are mainly in raw form with weak competitiveness compared to foreign products and they are often subjected to price squeeze. In 2012, Dak Nong has exported 557 tons of rubber to main markets such as Malaysia, Singapore with turn-over of nearly USD 1.9 million – an amount is assessed to be very modest compared to existing potential.

In order to promote the potential of rubber tree, the province has approved the Rubber plantation planning to 2015 and vision to 2020 which targets by 2020, the rubber area will be 36,295 ha, harvestable area will be 28,252ha, production of dried latex will be 44,146 tons. To achieve the goal, the province has proposed some solutions including investments into units producing seeds for new plantation, controlling strictly supply of seeds and advising farmers to plant on suitable soils, investments for building latex processing units with total capacity of 45,000 tons/year concentrated in districts of Dak R'Lap, Tuy Duc, K'rong No, investments for constructing essential infrastructure within concentrated rubber area ....

T.Suong – Dak Nong Investment Promotion Center

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