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Maize production in Dak Nong: open potential

Posted Date:25-03-2014 | 15:25:39
(ipcdaknong.com.vn) – Maize is one of the food crops having plantation area larger than the other annual crops of Dak Nong Province. With ability of good adaption and high economic efficiency in some localities, maize has contributed to stabilize food security, improve living levels for farmers and enhance value of agriculture production of the province. High economic efficiency

Maize requires simple plantation, is less effected by pests and diseases, capable of multiple crops and produces high output. In the past years, maize has become a familiar crop to farmers and they have applied scientific technical advances in plantation towards intensive farming method. Thus, in recent years, the cultivation area and maize production of the province have been continued increasing. In 2005, cultivation area was more than 26,000 ha with production of 145,600 tons. The area by now has nearly doubled with 49,000 ha in 2012 which produced 297,800 tons. Major cultivated maize includes C919, C619, DK171, DK414, V98-1, NK67, Bioseed 9698, LVN14, DK5252 ... At current price of 5,000 – 7,000dong/kg, each hectare of maize intensive farming, farmers may have profit of 15-20 million/ha/crop which is higher than rice and other secondary crops.

Farmers of Buon Choah Commune, Krong No District attending upon maize

Maize is cultivated in most districts of the province but concentrated in Dak Mil with more than 14,000 ha, Krong No with 13,850 ha, Cu Jut with 13,150 ha. In which, Krong No is the district having maize area positioned the number two but ranked the first in term of output (some 92,000 tons, 2012). Maize has become the major crop, cultivated during a year by farmers (3 crops/year in average), and the area has also become an intensive farming zone with production was sufficient for processing industry. With such a big development potential, Krong No has been selected to be a model, key maize production area of the province toward high technology direction by Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development. Besides, the district authority also worked with agricultural experts to provide trainings, transferring technical science and facilitate supplies of qualified breed, agricultural materials for farmers. Moreover, in addition to production of commercial maize, farmers have also been equipped knowledge of maize breed production. This is an opportunity for farmers to apply high technological techniques in agricultural operation in order to improve value of the products and for more efficient production.

Open potential

Maize is not only a food source, a basic material for feedstuff processing but also a material source producing biological energy – a clean energy, thus, the present market for maize product is very large. Annually, the country has to import maize with increasing annual quantity. In 2012, more than 1.6 billion tons of maize was imported, an increase of over 66% compared to 2011. Besides, the stock-raising and feedstuff processing industry had to struggle with multiple disadvantages due to increasing dependence on imported material source. However, In Dak Nong, despite of great deal of maize output, there is still no processing factory and maize has been mainly purchased and collected by traders or agricultural product agencies for consumption in other provinces. On the other hand, harvesting and technology of processing and storage of maize have not been paid sufficient attention, after-harvest loss rate is quite high. These factors have affected to stabilization and sustainability for farmers and lowered value of Dak Nong maize.


In order to improve value of maize products, Dak Nong has been proposing solutions for investment on breed and farming technique such as building demonstration models, transferring scientific advances in breed production, technology for storage and post-harvest preliminary treatment. Besides, it will create intensive farming zone, invest for building maize starch processing factories which are closely associated with material zones in order to stabilize prices, market and meet demand on raw material. To do this, Dak Nong determined the big role of enterprises. Accordingly, attracting enterprises, domestic and foreign investors to come and build up processing factories then forming concentrated production area is one of matters given priority to be executed of the province.  

Thanh Thuy – Dak Nong Investment Promotion Center

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