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Developing passion fruit towards sustainability

Posted Date:27-03-2014 | 14:15:00
(ipcdaknong.com.vn) – Passion fruit (scientific name Passiflora Incarnata Lour) were imported and planted in Dak Nong province since 2007, which contributes to increase income for many households. However, due to the spontaneous development has exposed many limitations. To stabilize the area and develop a sustainable manner lemon, Dak Nong has been proposed many practical solutions.

Passion fruit in Dak Nong - Photo: Trong Ngoc

The planting lemon in Dak Nong meets the need of restructuring crops, thereby, contributes to increase income for many households. In the time since the beginning of 2009 to July 2010, passion fruit have thrived in Dak R'Lap, Dak G'Long and along to Gia Nghia towns. At this period, growing passionfruit makes very high profits due to selling price up to 9.000d/kg sometimes, even, the average selling price is 5.000d/kg, growers still have interest more than 281 million /1ha/ year

The first years, because of demand exceeding supply and immediate benefits, the local farmers have spontaneously grown, put passion fruit area sometimes up to 1,500 ha, yields of approximateley 100,000 tons. In this area, Dak Nong has also formed 8 purchasing  bases, passion fruit processing,with capacity of each cold storage reaching 50 tons of juice per day, mainly semi-processed into bottled juice.

Photo: Trong Ngoc

The massive development of area in the province along with the expansion of the area of planting passion fruit in neighboring provinces make passion fruit market to have larger total supply in compared total demand, make lemon growers to have to taste "bitter fruit ".According to the law of supply - demand, it pushed price of passion fruit underprising from 9.000VND/kg to 2,000 VND/kg in the late 2010 until present. In addition, planters also was squeezed price by the purchasing agent, while crops seriously influenced by insects and diseases, causing severe damage so far, the pssion fruit area is reduced to about 100ha and the only processing facilities remained in Dak Lap district

Under the direction of Department of Plant Protection, the province will develop passion fruit towards sustainability and stability on the provincial area of about 200ha. To achieve its expected objectives, the province will focus on well organizing from production and processing to consumption. In particular, focussing on breeding pssion fruit in place to gradually replace paasion fruit imported from foreign countries in order to be proactive in seed and limit insects and diseases. Farmers will be supported, encouraged to use the good seed with high quality, application of technical advances and new technologies in order to increase production capacity and quality of products, etc. It is important to create coherence among "5 households" ... to "these households" can "work closely" with farmers, to share responsibilities and benefits to growers.

H.B - Dak Nong Investment Promotion Center

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