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Dak Nong passion fruit and Development orientation

Posted Date:25-03-2014 | 15:17:21
(ipcdaknong.com.vn) The natural conditions of Dak Nong province, especially conditions on land, climate are suitable to grow durian. Therefore, in recent years, the area of durian on the province is constantly expanding, which contributies to diversification of crops, raise the income of local people and increase the value of the agricultural economy of the province.

Durian have been grown in the province of Dak Nong for long time, well developed on basaltic soils. In recent years, durian plantation area of the province is expanded continuously (mainly the planation area alternated with coffee plantations area).











Photo: Gia Trung passion fruit, in Dak Nong

(Trong ngoc)

Growing durian in right process, after 4-5 years for harvest, 6-8 year achieving the stable yield. Mastering and owning cultivation techniques, the average of per hectare monoculture area can reaches 30-40 tons of fruits per year. With the average price of 20,000 VND per kilogram, growers make a profit of over 100 million VND /hectare/year. To durian achieves high-yield , in recent years, gardeners in Dak Nong have used high quality seeds, have confirmed on the market such as Monthong passion fruit, Ri 6 passion fruit and the breeding selected from mother trees in Dak Mil district. Since 2007, due to the increasing demand of growing new plant, the province in collaboration with the Institute of Science and Agriculture, Forestry selected 08 kinds of seedlings for local to supply seedlings for planter. Currently, the province had some farms growing monoculture durian, in which the typical model is Gia Trung farm with the area of ​​63 hectares in Sre U village, Dak Nia commune, Gia Nghia town. We can say that this is one of the leading farms in the collection, selection of good seedlings for the local. The farm owners had to visit the West's famous fruit regions to select seedling serving for experimental growing on their farms and continue to select the best seedlings with hing yield and quality and being suitable for land and climate of Dak Nong province to grow on farms, expected to multiply to service for growers in the province in the upcoming time. As yet the durian farm has high yield with delicious and specific flavor products of Dak Nong passion fruit. Farms are adopting techniques to have passion fruit out of season, achieve higher production efficiency.

Photo: Gia Trung pssion fruit, Dak Nong

(Trong ngoc)

Passion fruit  (Latin name as Durio zibethinus) is  a favorite speciality on the market, easy to consume and has high economic value. This tropical fruit provides nutrients ingredients including protein, fat, sugar, various minerals, vitamins and high iron content.

Dak Nong province has great potential to grow durian, this is crop of high economic value but not the actual value for potential development. So, in the coming years, along with the development policy for some fruit trees such as avocado, jackfruit, bananas, oranges, ect, Dak Nong province should encourage the development of passion fruit as top fruit to increase the agricultural economic value of the province.   Towards this goal, Dak Nong should plan the growing area having advantages as Dak Mil district and a number of other focus growing areas. In addition, the province should have consistent policy on preferential investment into area development, fund for infrastructure development and scientific and technical support. Perhaps, the immediate need is building the brand name for Dak Mil passion fruit in associated with product development strategy on consumming markets, improving the competitive advantage of Dak Nong passion fruit on domestic and foreign markets.

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